Contributions are welcome in the following topics but not limited to:

Basic Sciences:

Finite element method, Fluid mechanics and graph theory (Mathematics), thin films, condensed matter theory, organic devices, chalcopyrite (Physics), Nano materials for photo luminescence, LEDs, water purification and drug delivery systems, catalysis, corrosion control (Chemistry).

Mechanical Engineering:

CAD/CAM, Design Engineering, Nano Technology, Thermal engineering.

Aeronautical Engineering:

Aircraft structure design, Aerospace propulsion, Avionics and navigation, applied aerodynamics.

Automobile Engineering:

Quality, Reliability & maintenance, Alternate fuels, applied materials, automotive electronics.

Industrial Engineering & Management & MBA:

Total quality management, Ergonomics, Facilities planning & design, lean manufacturing, simulation modeling & analysis, ERP, HRM, Marketing & Entrepreneurship.

Civil Engineering:

Alternate building materials, green technology, fluid structure interaction, advances in concrete technology.

Construction Technology & Management:

Transport Engineering, sustainable construction.

Chemical Engineering:

Transport process, environment, energy & alternative fuels, materials.


Plant biotechnology, medical biotechnology, computational biology, green energy and Nano technology.